There are several services that the consortium puts in its subsidiaries:

Technical Assistance and Administrative.
The Consortium for Southern assist each member in the resolution of problems and procedures of a technical nature (adaptation of machinery, innovation, packaging solutions) and administrative (paperwork, authorizations national and Community).

Legal and financial assistance.
The Consortium has developed for its members on the news legal rules, and preserves the right operation. It also committed to supporting companies in search of financial resources available for the implementation of its growth projects.

Product Certification.
The Consortium for the South is a valid tool in the field certification. Each company will be subject to the necessary controls on the production, quality, brand, verifying the authenticity of the certificates provided to or by providing the necessary tools for acquiring these certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14000, EMAS, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, certification of organic farming.

Marketing and Positioning Market.
The Consortium for Southern studies and implements for its members the best strategies for positioning and marketing of products.

Marketing and Communications
The Consortium for Southern makes available to its management companies that based on the study of the target and the main competitors on the market, will study the best strategies of visual identity (logo, brochure, website).

Environmental consulting and waste management.
Guarantees, in fact, the set of policies to manage the entire process of waste, while also promoting the re-use of waste materials in an attempt to reduce their effects on human health and the environment.

The Consortium for Southern implements many services to ensure competence, preparation and cost savings for its member undertakings, establishing agreements with several partners in the field of vocational training, namely the following services are offered: Courses with the release of Professional Qualification, courses with release of Certifications and Training General Training online. Registration is now open for the following courses approved by the Region of Campania and agencies:

- Administrative Assistant,
- Administrative Coordinator,

computer Science
- Programmer,
- Computer Operator,
- Web Master

Safety on the Job 81.08:
- Course for the Employer,
- Course for RLS,
- Basic Course of Security,
- Video Terminal Officer Course,
- Officer Course Meal,
- Course Managers and Supervisors

- Requirements for the Commerce course R.E.C. ,
- Booklet for Health nutritionists,

- English,
- Spanish,
- Chinese.
- Fundamentals of Information Technology / IT basic concept
- Management of the basic functions of the operating system / OS Basic Management
- Word Processing / Word Processing
- Spreadsheet / Spreadsheet
- Management of Structured Data / Database
- Multimedia presentations / Slideshow
- Internet & Networking