The Consortium's mission is to assist companies in the agricultural sector, in particular small and medium-size, helping them to maintain a more competitiva.Ulteriore aim is to safeguard and promote the uniqueness of the product through a southern culture of healthy eating.

A great success, the consortium has obtained the food fair held in South Ariano with taste, where in addition to providing information on President Antonio Caserta, in company with the Mastro Fornaio Celmente Cyril's Bakery Trajan of Canosa di Foggia, have fascinated the participants with small goodies craft & pure.

The master Cyril with his ability has created flowers and small works of art. These activities have thrilled the young participants (children of different orders and level in the province irpina). The President has taken to confirm the interest of the Consortium in the importance of authenticity of the product and territorial development.


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