Welcome to consortium of south of Italy

The Consortium for the South is a project strong and ambitious: to revive the economy of southern Italy and promote the many and unique quality.

Convinced of the invaluable heritage of nature, art and culture of our land we pursue a single goal: salvaguarne the typical products of our own and give them back their dignity through positioning in the markets which respect nature and tradition.

The project is aimed at all small and medium-sized enterprises in Southern Italy: Campania, Basilicata, Apulia, Calabria, Molise operating in the agro-food industry.

They will be supported in all phases of the production process: from the choice of raw materials quality control, hygiene and safety.
An analysis of the market to identify the successful positioning strategies through targeted marketing mix (price, product, communication and distribution).
In the planning and organization of promotional events during penetration into new markets.


Administrative, legal, financial and technical. Certification of products:

  • control of production
  • True quality control of registration of the mark
  • marketing and positioning in the markets
  • link national contractor
  • centralized purchasing activities in international markets
  • channels catering HO.RE.CA.
  • communication: a study of the coordinated, promotion channels attravero web