Bottega del Mezzodì

Bottega del Mezzodì

THE HISTORY OF THE "Bottega del Mezzodì"
The brand Bottega del Mezzodi 'comes from experience in the field of Agribusiness Consortium for the South, an organization that deals with the promotion and positioning in the global markets of the most important brands of South Italian agribusiness.

Bottega del Mezzodi is company associated with the Consortium fulfills the true "market share" going to market the products of the members of the Consortium for Southern exploiting in full the trade agreements, the national and international promotion called into being by the Consortium for the South.
The constant pursuit of excellence in the field of Agribusiness, combined with a winning philosophy and dynamic at the heart of the solid values ​​of work, transparency and quality of the products, have generated a great success in the market for Bottega del Mezzodi 'that has managed to carve out a slice of the market and that in the two years 2012/2013 aims to consolidate and expand its share of the national and international market.

La Bottega del Mezzodi  was born under the sign of quality and professionalism impressing a change, a new philosophy of action the entire agribusiness sector especially Italian deficient from the point of view of the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises unable to "team "to be competitive in global markets.
It is this new philosophy based on quality, typical of the products and make the team, led the Bottega del Mezzodi 'to establish itself as a benchmark in the field of national and international food distribution

Just quest 'share of the market, carried out by the shop with the invaluable mentoring of the Consortium for the South, it was essential to overcome these difficulties in the sector Agro-food Italian creating a real "System of Corporate Sector"

The first objective of the company is to create a commercial network in rib growth throughout the national territory, able in a dynamic and determined to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized market, focusing on the professionalism of the corporate structure of continuous innovation the distribution system, on the ingredients zero km, on a constant exchange with customers and suppliers.

"So much has been done but much is to be realized"
The development program for the biennium 2012/2013 the Bottega del Mezzodi 'will be organized with the implementation and development of four macro-areas of the company ranging to hug and make up to 360 ° commercial channels that the Bottega del Mezzodi' has be in and who wants to expand. This two-year development program will help make the Bottega del Mezzodi 'a real Italian Brand agribusiness globally recognized as a corporate guarantee of professionalism and product quality.

The Concept Store "La Bottega of the south" it offers its customers with a contemporary design where furniture and colors are in perfect harmony with the latest trends, all designed in collaboration with the agency "Furniture Range" that will take care of the design, the decor of any single point of sale, ensuring uniformity picture of the years covered by the mark of the workshop under the supervision of the architect Mario Di Sessa.
A real "shopping experience" is what La Bottega of the south wants to live to his consumer with the new concept of furniture. "The idea is to accompany the consumer reference in the world of each of the brands contained inside through an engaging and enjoyable even before purchase. functionality, design and innovation are the basis of the concept of the shop that stays true to the core values.

Benefits of the workshop of the South

  • Commercial network throughout the Italian
  • Enhancement products
  • Increased competitiveness in the market
  • Limited investment

benefits franchisee

  • Take advantage of trade agreements consolidated
  • A BRAND highly appealing
  • No royalty on sales
  • Entrance Fee very low
  • Limited investment

The project will be linked to each store opening and allow you to fund and support a healthy and profitable the investment required for the start of La Bottega outlets of the south that will make marketing activities of products of the members of the Consortium for Southern and Typical activities tasting of local and Southern Italy.
The purpose of this project is therefore to give all possible investors, without any kind of distinction or selection input, the opportunity to obtain a certain return and payable through its business activities promoted by the outlets of La Bottega of the South and to ensure a safe return pilot stores will trade as its own individual investors / depositors real sponsor and promoter of the store and its activities.

The project will be divided with the division of all points of sale in units equivalent to the estimated cost of construction per square meter of sales area. Each share has a nominal value of € 1,000.00 and will lead to a return of 5% per annum. The interest will be paid with annual coupon expiring on December 31 of each year.
The investment will have a duration of 5 years, after which the investor will have the guarantee of the return of the initial capital invested, as required by the payment schedule.
The investor should however be borne in mind that the purchase of individual shares will not generate the right to participate in the corporate life of La Bottega del Mezzodì and the single point of sale, but are only one form of investment innovative, secure and profitable. The store management will be entrusted to managers secure managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Important trade agreements with leading international food distributors were signed in the United States, Canada and Bulgaria, should be added concrete and important contacts with distributors in China and Switzerland achieved thanks to the flywheel of a design and the guarantee of the Consortium for the South with its action for the promotion and marketing plan to integrate the global business development strategies put in place by the workshop of the South.

So just the development of this new sales channel will be integrated with other distribution channels and open trade by the company and close the virtuous circle consists of direct sales outlets, sharp points, foreign trade set up by the leadership of the company.
In conclusion, this two-year development program will push even more of the brand Bottega of the South
to establish itself nationally and internationally,
as a mark of quality Food Made in italy